Packing Service

Save Time, Reduce Stress

Packing can be a stressful and time-consuming process, especially when there are so many more important things to focus on during a move. So, check one thing off your moving list with our comprehensive, tailored packing service. We know it can be difficult to trust others with your important and valuable possessions, which is why all our staff are fully trained and skilled in ‘the art of packing’. We use over 65 years of experience to ensure your items are packed safely and carefully to avoid any damage in transit.

In safe hands

Hiring a packing service offers several benefits, including time-saving as professionals handle the entire packing process, bringing the necessary supplies, and customizing packing to meet specific needs. They efficiently pack items to maximize space and minimize damage during transit, reducing stress and providing insurance coverage for belongings. Professional packers are trained in safe handling techniques, and some offer unpacking services. Ultimately, hiring a packing service can save time and money in the long run by reducing the risk of damage to belongings.

Flat-Pack Assembly

A furniture dismantle and reassemble service is a convenient and practical solution for individuals who need to move their furniture but don’t have the necessary tools, expertise or time to do it themselves. This service involves professional technicians who are trained to dismantle furniture safely and efficiently, transport it to a new location, and then reassemble it according to the manufacturer’s instructions or custom specifications. By opting for a furniture dismantle and reassemble service, customers can save themselves the hassle and stress of moving heavy and complex furniture items, while ensuring that their prized possessions are treated with care and precision.

Why choose our packing service?


We only use the best quality packing boxes and materials when dealing with your belongings.


Our trained staff are experts at optimising space and protecting your treasured items.


With full and part-packing available, our bespoke service is tailored to meet your requirements. Alternatively, if you would like to pack yourself, we can offer you all the packing materials, cartons and boxes you require, as well as our expert advice on how to pack efficiently and effectively. You can read our packing tips here