Piano Moves

In addition to their removals and storage services, Norman Ferns also specializes in piano removals. Moving a piano can be a challenging task, requiring careful planning, specialized equipment, and expert handling. Norman Ferns Removals’ experienced and trained team has the knowledge and equipment necessary to ensure that the piano is moved safely and efficiently. They use custom-made covers and padded slings to protect the piano during the move and have specialized vehicles with hydraulic lifts to transport it safely. Norman Ferns Removals’ piano removal service is tailored to each customer’s needs and requirements, ensuring that the move is completed with minimal disruption and maximum care.

Norman Ferns Removals are expert piano movers, with the experience, technical knowledge and equipment to make moving your piano stress-free. Whether you require the moving of an upright or grand piano as part of a house move, or you have bought or sold a piano and are now faced with the daunting task of moving it, why not leave it to the professionals? Your piano will be handled with great competence, respect and the utmost of care, ensuring that the piano and your home do not come to any harm.